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People Get Tricked into Thinking They’re Trapped Inside Ikea

If you’ve ever shopped in Ikea then you probably know exactly what it’s like to get lost in the endless maze of furniture and kitchenware. Even if you follow the helpful arrows that direct you around the store, chances are you’ll end up walking around for longer than you expected when you walked through the front door.
All you wanted to get was some brand new pillowcases, but instead ended up spending $500 on things you didn’t need because you couldn’t find your way out. At one point, you may have even thought you’d be spending the rest of your life in Ikea and living off of meatballs. Sounds like a total nightmare, right?
That’s why two brother from a Norwegian talk show called “I kveld med Ylvis” tricked a few Ikea customers into thinking they were trapped inside one of the showrooms.
Needless to say, it’s absolutely hilarious watching them try to find thew way out.

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