People Ridicule ISIS with Videos of Terrorists Accidentally Blowing Themselves Up

Sometimes the only way to respond to true terror is to laugh in its face — often times, evildoers really do deserve it more than any other. Accordingly, many social media users are ridiculing jihadists belonging to the Islamist State terror group, commonly referred to as ISIS.

What’s there to make fun of? Simple — compilation videos of ISIS members accidentally blowing themselves up. The video, not so much grisly as it is jarring, shows one jihadist dying by his own rocket launcher when it backfires, as well as another accidentally detonating a bomb in a room full of terrorists taking a group photograph.

The Daily Mail reports that these videos and others showing the demise of Islamic terrorists are being circulated by social media users in the wake of ISIS’s murder of Jordanian pilot Lt Moaz al-Kasasbeh. Footage of the murder has caused worldwide condemnation of the organization’s actions and a vow from Jordan’s Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh to “go after them with everything that we have.”

Some of the clips, which you can view below at your own discretion, include game-show style music to help make light of all the death going on.

YouTube user As-salamu Alaykum states:

Most of the victims are women and children. If you are a Muslim and think that the Prophet will reward you for this, you’re up for a big surprise. Hell is what awaits you all. In the meantime, enjoy this video with real footage of jihadists killing themselves because they’re just plain stupid.

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