People Share their Worst New Year’s Kiss Stories

New Year motivates people to making to-do lists, clean out cluttered closets and look forward to a fresh start. But, that’s not all that the New Year brings.

Who will we be locking lips with when the clock strikes 12? That’s what I’m always thinking about.

I’ve heard my share of awesome New Year’s kiss stories and was hopeful for a romantic start to 2016. However, these horror stories are making me think twice.

  1. Benita, 25 – So one year, me and my girls decided to try and have a New Year’s to ourselves, but one friend got so drunk that she ended up crying and texting her ex. So he came and brought his brother along, whose weird nickname was Snir (more on that later). 

    I had recently broken up with my boyfriend after he moved back to South Korea to take over his father’s martial arts club, so I was feeling really lonely and started chatting up Snir, despite the somewhat strange odor coming from his body. 

    It was getting close to midnight, and it was looking obvious that me and Snir would lock lips at midnight. Once the countdown started, we looked at each and started getting closer. At “one,” I went for an open mouth kiss…big mistake. He burped into my mouth, turned around and started laughing! His brother had dared him to do it, and I later learned that Snir means burp in another language! 

    The next year, I decided to celebrate New Year’s with a tub of Rolo ice cream in my PJs.

  2. Steve, “old enough”It was dark, drinks were flowing, and I ended up kissing my mom. 
  3. Jack, 22 – I was the sober driver ’til 11 pm for some friends before showing up to a midnight party. I realized I needed to catch up and immediately began pounding Red Bull vodkas. 

    By the time midnight rolled around, I had 14 Red Bull vodkas and several pulls from God knows what fifth. As the clock struck midnight, I grabbed the girl next to me, and we had our midnight kiss….which turned into her and I fighting for the toilet as we both projectile vomited all over the bathroom. 

    She wanted to make out afterward… I declined. 

  4. Keely, 22 I was 18, and I had my eye on this guy all night, hoping perhaps he could be my New Year’s kiss! A group of us got in the cab from the pregame to go to the party, but to our luck, the gate guard just wasn’t going to let any more people in. 

    So naturally, we decide to take our rejected selves back to the house we pregamed at, which was a house full of drunk adults. Ten minutes to midnight, my friend starts makin’ out with the guy I wanted to kiss me. 

    Classic! So I go inside alone (after watching the two make out for a bit, like a creep) to watch the ball drop with some adults.
    The clock strikes midnight: A 45-year-old man grabs me by the shoulders, turns me into him and plants one on me! 

  5. Jules, 22 – I was in LOVE with my best friend all throughout high school. I planned to finally profess my love to him when we were home for the holidays my junior year of college. 

    It was 11:58, and I told him I was in love with him. Before he had a chance to even really respond, I made all of my 16-year-old dreams come true and went right for the kiss. 

    This could be a cute story if we weren’t both blacked out, sloppy, slobbering all over each other — and also if he wasn’t gay. 

    Yes, that’s right. He’s gay.

Yikes! Have you had a New Year’s kiss story worse than these? Let us know down below.