Why Is Florida the Weirdest State? We’ll Give You 31 Reasons

News from Florida travels farther and faster than news from anywhere else in the country.

Although it seems every state has something shameful to hide, the weird Florida news we’ve seen takes the prize. The state has developed a reputation for generating the strangest happenings — and this from a state that was once famous for its abundant senior population and its succulent oranges. But now it has certainly made center stage when it comes to all things odd.

The moment you Google something like, “Why is Florida,” before you even have the chance to type in the next letter or word, the blank is automatically filled in for you with “so crazy” or “so weird.”

Is there something in the state’s character that feels the need to prove that Floridian facts are stranger than fiction? Many people have simply come to call it America’s home for weirdness and general stupidity.

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