16 People Who Jacked Up Their Faces with Bad Tattoos

Tattoos can mean a lot of different things to different people. They can be inspiring pieces of art (see our 3D tattoo slide show down below), powerful political statements — like this woman who chose tattoos over reconstructive surgery following her breast cancer treatment — and impressive but scary.

They can also be really dumb, really ugly, or both. Such is the case with our above slide show, featuring sixteen of the worst bad face tattoos we’ve ever seen in our lives.

From declarations of love (that make us hope this person never broke up with his or her significant other), to really passionate beliefs (such as in God or country), to random (sometimes sexual) statements or images that would seem like a bad idea even if you were really drunk, this is one crazy collection. We even have the aspiring fashion model seen in the first slide above who inked permanent words all over his face. (Good luck working for GQ, sir.) They also look horribly painful, which left all of us wondering one big thing: What the hell were these people thinking?

Just like bunnies at Easter, a tattoo on the face is for life. Check out the photos above and (hopefully) take it as a life lesson on something you won’t ever do to yourself.

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