This Would Be a Perfect Retreat for the Cast of ‘The Walking Dead’

Not sure what to do if and when the zombie apocalypse strikes?

Well, you’ll probably want to skip holding up inside a prison or your office and instead turn on those survivalist instincts and head for the woods. Clearly, a prison seems like a great place due to its security, but that place didn’t seem to work too well for the cast of The Walking Dead.

There are certainly way better places to hide out. For example, check out this specially designed cabin by Olson Kundig Architects. It sure would be the ideal sanctuary if things ever got ugly.

Not only is it stealthy and secure, it’s also quite beautiful. The house comes equipped with massive steel panels that are virtually indestructible, allowing whoever wants to coop up inside a completely sealed off retreat.

And the best part? It sits on stilts, which gives you some extra protection in case those zombies (or crazed wild animals) ever did try to attack you and your family.

Oh, and don’t forget your assault rifles, machetes and semi-automatic handguns. In a z-clypse, you can never be too careful!