How to Perform a Self-Breast Examination

Although all women above the age of 20 should have it hard-wired into their brain to perform monthly self breast exams, it’s always nice to be reminded of its importance every October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

One of the reasons is so important to do these regularly: According to John Hopkins’ Medical Center, around 45 percent of diagnosed breast cancer cases are detected by women who feel a lump and these self examinations can help you catch abnormalities early, and vastly improve your chances of survival.

Despite the convincing statistic, many women don’t perform the test as often as they should. One common reason is they just don’t know how to.

Now, there’s no excuse. The video above covers the ins and outs of this potentially life-saving test and shows you just what you need to do and how.

Check it out, and then mark your calendar to do the exam every single month.