Can Your Pet Come Back as a Ghost?

The animal-human bond is incredibly strong–a constant companionship. For many people, pets are best friends, members of the family.

Sometimes, the death of a pet hurts as much as that of a family member. So, it is not all that surprising to wonder what happens to our faithful pals after they take their final breath.

There have been claims that some bonds are so strong that they carry on into the afterlife. At least, according to psychic medium Jessica Arael Morrocco, they do.

When they pass over, as we humans do, their spirit often can be seen by mediums playing around their owner. I have experienced numerous incidences of this nature. I simply describe the dog and they will tell me who that is. To the surprise of many, it is not always the specific animal you are looking for. It could be a childhood pet or a pet of a relative who enjoys your company while they are in the afterlife.

Do pets have a spirit soul?

While some owners say they’ve never made contact with the pets they’ve lost, others report having encounters with a beloved pet who passed on, whether by seeing their shadows or feeling their physical presence. Some folks even believe that animals are way more spiritually evolved than humans.

Animals have been known to stick around in order to help their owners through the grieving process before moving on.

Do you believe in pet ghosts? Have you ever experienced a paranormal encounter after losing a beloved animal?