WATCH: Pet Penguin Goes Grocery Shopping All On His Own

A penguin that goes grocery shopping? Sounds good to us!

Lala, a king penguin who lives in Japan, is Nishimoto family’s adorable pet.

He has also become a fixture of the his town for his remarkable routine: Lala wears a penguin backpack and walks himself downtown to the fish market every day to buy his own fish. Mackerel and sardines are his favorites.

It can be difficult to train pets, even the domesticated breeds that have been companions to humans for centuries. Some of us struggle just getting our dog to execute a simple sit-stay command, let alone fetch the morning paper. So what this pet penguin can do is downright impressive!

According to Global Animal, Lala was found trapped in a fishing net by the Nishimoto family, who nursed him back to health. When they noticed his intelligence and fondness for walks they trained him to visit the fish market, and it became his favorite activity. Ever since then he’s been winning hearts all over his community and beyond.

It is important to remember that — while very cute — penguins are not domesticated animals, and better left undisturbed in their natural habitat.