Why Was Pharrell Williams Crying on Oprah?

Candid moments on television are always priceless.

During a recent interview with Oprah on her OWN Network, Grammy-winner Pharrell Williams, 41, broke down in tears when she played him a video of people around the world dancing and singing to his hit song “Happy.”

“Why am I crying on Oprah?” Pharrell asks. “It’s overwhelming because I love what I do and I just appreciate the fact that people have believed in me for so long that I could make it to this point, to feel that.”

“Makes me cry too!” Oprah said.

Pharrell told Oprah that his fans have literally taken over the song in a positive way, making it something of their own.

There were scenes from every corner of our planet, including Germany, Malawi, Philippines, London, Dakar, Ireland, and California.

His self-awareness and humility makes us fall in love with him even more. From humble beginnings to a world class act.

Very inspiring.

When CBS Sunday Morning interviewed him, he made sure to mention how thankful he is for the teachers in his life. Without them, he couldn’t imagine where he would be right now. After the interviewer attempted to get Pharrell to take all the credit for his monumental success, he said he couldn’t do that because, “A kite goes into the air? It’s not the kite, it’s the air.”

Watch his interview with Oprah in the video above.

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