Pheromone Parties: How Sweaty Shirts Can Help You Find Love

Listen up single guys and girls: If you’re looking for love and the same old techniques of hitting up a bar or having your friends set you up on blind dates aren’t working, you might want to try something a little different.

They’re called pheromone parties, and they’re becoming ever more popular on the dating scene. That’s right, pheromone parties. If you haven’t heard of these, here’s the low-down:

Those participating in these events — which have appeared in major cities around the country over the last few years — are asked to sleep in the same shirt for three nights in a row in order to capture their odor print. At the party location, singles put their shirts in numbered bags. Only each guest knows what his or her shirt’s number is. Then the fun really begins. Other participants sniff each other’s T-shirts, without knowing who the owner is. If the smell is intriguing, a photographer takes a picture of the participant holding up the shirt and number, which is projected onto a screen. If the owner finds the sniffer attractive, she can come forward and introduce herself.

Sooo sniffing people’s dirty laundry is supposed to help you find love? Don’t discredit the idea just yet. Research shows that pheromones, chemical substances given off by our bodies, can play an important role in finding a mating partner who is genetically compatible with us.

The AP reports “studies using similar T-shirt experiments have shown that whose smell a person prefers is dictated by a set of genes that influence our immune response — which researchers say is nature’s way of preventing inbreeding and preserving genetic adaptations developed over time.”

In other words, if you don’t like how someone smells, it’s probably best for your future babies if you run. If you like the smell, you’re good to go.

“Humans can pick up this incredibly small chemical difference with their noses,” said Martha McClintock, founder of the Institute for Mind and Biology at the University of Chicago. “It is like an initial screen.”

So Judith Prays, the woman who came up with the idea for the pheromone parties, is on to something. But Prays admits that these aren’t the kinds of meet ups where you are guaranteed to find the love of your life. Instead, it’s a fresh and different way to meet someone new.

“Animals have babies and they move on, and that’s what the pheromone party is,” Prays says. “The most successful thing about it is, it opens up conversation.”

So, we have to ask: Would you be game to try this crazy new dating trend out? Give us your thoughts below.

To find out more, including where and when the next event is, check out the website.

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