How Did the Greatest Rock Producer in History End Up Looking Like This?

Phil Spector was a man of many wigs. He was also a man who produced some of the greatest pop and rock songs and artists of all time, including Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles, Tina Turner, The Beach Boys, and ABBA. But Spector’s major innovation was layering multiple recording tracks to create a “wall of sound.”

He’s a legend.

Unfortunately, his legacy is one that will forever be haunted by what happened on that fateful day back in 2003. He killed somebody, remember?

In a fit of rage, likely caused by the serious head injuries he was subjected to during a near-fatal car accident in 1974, he shot and killed actress Lana Clarkson in his mansion. Even before the murder, he had already become paranoid and reclusive, often times showing aggressive tendencies.

Six years and two trials later, he was found guilty of second-degree murder, and will most likely spend the rest of his days behind bars.

Now 74, Spector isn’t looking quite so good. In fact, just taking one look at his latest mug shot from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is enough to give us nightmares for days. It was taken Oct. 28, 2013.

If you ask us, he looks like one of the villains from a sci-fi horror flick — one we hope would kill us quickly and not hold us hostage.

The convicted murderer is balding, and what’s left of his hair is scraggly; a far cry from his big wig wearing days. It looks like the life has been sucked from his soul.

According to the Associated Press, he was transferred to a prison health care facility in Stockton, which houses “inmates with the most severe and long term needs.” Though, the actual reason why he’s there has not been revealed due to medical privacy regulations.

Clearly, prison seems to be taking its toll.

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