Philadelphia High Schools to Dispense Free Condoms

There’s been a lot of political debate in schools whether to promote safe sex or no sex. It seems more and more schools are deciding safe sex is the route to take.

As of next week, 22 of the 51 high schools in Philadelphia will install free condom dispensers under a city plan to battle the spread of STDs in students.

The schools were selected based on a report by the city’s Health Department, and the rising rates in which STDs were being transmitted through students. According to the Health Department, “STD rates amongst youth in Philadelphia have been alarming, especially the increases in gonorrhea and chlamydia since early 2010.”

The dispensers will be set up in the nurse’s office, but students don’t need permission to get the condoms out. So far, only 10 percent of high schools across the country make free condoms available to students in some form.

School district spokesman Fernando Gallard says parents can opt out their students from the program if they wish. He added that if the program is successful it will eventually be expanded to other high schools.

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