PHOTO: Medical Student Under Fire for Smiling Selfie with Dying Patient

A medical student in Mexico is under fire after she took a smiling picture of herself with a patient who was allegedly in critical condition, then posted it on social media.

The caption of the photo, translated to English from Spanish read:

“I was on duty and this lady started agonizing so, selfieeee.”

The student, identified as Maria Jose Gonzalez—who is reportedly a dental student— then posted the picture on the instant messaging app Whatsapp.

According to the Mexican magazine Proceso, it was Gonzalez’s first day of a medical internship.

Since then, the selfie has gone viral with many criticizing her actions as unethical, and “stupid,” among other reasons.

Gonzalez reportedly studies at the Universidad del Valle de Mexico. The institution says it is conducting an investigation into her behavior, and the viral photo, and will decide what disciplinary actions are necessary after reviewing her case.

Meanwhile, Gonzalez took to Facebook to issue an apology for the tasteless photo.

She said:

“I took this picture and more pictures which I have on my computer and I don’t know how this picture ended up being distributed among my friends, in which they claimed she died. But she did not die on my shift. It is not true.”

According to Gonzalez, the patient also consented to be in the photo.