Photo of Breastfeeding Mom Raises Huge Controversy

The mom from Pennsylvania posted a photo of herself breastfeeding two young boys, causing a huge controversy.

The photo posted to Facebook was captioned with this: “My son on the right is 16 months and my friend’s son is 18 months. I watch her son while she works and have been feeding them both for a year! So much love between these milk siblings, it’s a special bond between us all.”

The post has received hundreds of shares and comments, some of which are positive and some very negative.

breastfeeding mom

Jessica Anne Colletti’s story was posted to the Mama Bean Parenting blog with a post about the reactions the photo has gotten:

“For a society that has no issues drinking the milk of another species in their mocha cappuccinos, perhaps it’s time to change our general stance towards human babies drinking human milk. For a society that holds formula as the ‘norm’ for infant feeding, perhaps it’s time to have another glance at the list above…the factual list compiled with only one ‘goal’ in mind: to improve the health of our children and future generations.”

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The mom from Pennsylvania posted the photo of herself breastfeeding two young boys (one of which was her friend's … in First to Know's Polls on LockerDome