The World’s Most Beautifully Isolated Roads Will Fill You with Wanderlust (PHOTOS)

There’s something about a deserted road that fills people with wanderlust. It’s a reason to keep moving forward to see where their next adventure will lead. The road less traveled.

For photographer Andy Lee, said roads have lead him to unforgettable places — ones that are often beautiful, yet eerily still. Like most folks with a passion for travelling, he has a perpetual love for the unknown.

In his breathtaking series called Roads, Lee takes viewers on an unforgettable journey around the world. His images allow people to escape 100 miles from nowhere without ever having to leave the comfort of their living room.

The body of work follows a quote from Jack Kerouac’s On the Road: The Original Scroll that illustrates the essence of the photos themselves: “There was nowhere to go but everywhere.”

Check out the rest of his unforgettable work over on his website, 500px or Facebook.