Photographer Stands His Ground Against Charging Rhino, You Won’t Believe What Happened

South African photographer Jonathan Pledger has had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the African bush for his art. Never closer than on a recent safari to Kruger National Park when Pledger came face-to-face with a charging rhino.

Pledger told the Daily Mail about his close encounter, and shared photos from the experience.

He said that the only warning he heard was a rustle from nearby bushes. Then the angry rhino charged out, and headed straight at him.

In a split second, Pledger had to decide between running for safety or getting the photographs of a lifetime.

So he stood his ground, looked death in the eye, and started snapping away.

“For a big guy he was really fast,” he said. “But I managed to get a great sequence of the rhino coming towards me.”

His bravery paid off—at the last second the rhino veered away and ran passed Pledger.

See the captivating and raw photos from the run-in in the slideshow above.

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