PHOTOS: 10 Times the Kardashians Were Caught Wearing Spanx

The Kardashians have shared one of their secrets to smooth, sculpted figures for years—Spanx! The shape-wear is meant to hold in your curves to give them a more boosted, slimmer appearance, as well as smoothing out the appearance of cellulite and dimples at the same time. Spanx are perpetually popular among celebrities but are particularly favorited by the Kardashians, who use it to supplement their infamous curves.

However the Kardashians are not immune to Spanx disaster—as proven in these 10 photos when Kim, Kourtney and Khloe suffered some awkward visible Spanx-related wardrobe malfunctions.

From the full on flashing of the Spanx, to the tell-tale tube-like wrinkle that the undergarment creates under outfits, these pictures really show the struggle behind trying to look perfect.

This is what happens when control tops (and shorts) get out of control.