PHOTOS: 18 Relics Recovered from the Titanic Disaster You’ve Never Seen

The Titanic disaster happens to be one of the most fascinating events in the minds of humans around the globe. So much so that a number of items that have been recovered from the incident have sold for huge sum of money.

Titanic auctions have garnered mixed reviews, as some people find them tasteless and would rather see all of the items made available to the public in museums.

The following are the most expensive Titanic relics ever auctioned off:

1. Diamond Bracelet Collection – $200 Million

titanic jewels

2. Titanic Ship Plan – $362,000

titanic ship plan

3. Stewards Pocket Watch – $154,000

steward pocket watch titanic

4. Crows Nest Keys – $147,000

crows nest keys

5. Cabin Master’s Keys – $138,000

cabin master keys titanic

6. Menu – $125,000

titanic menu

7. Photo Archive – $100,000

titanic photo archive

8. Life Jacket – $55,000

life jacket titanic

9. First Deck Plan – $49,000

First deck plan tita

10. Captain Edward John Smith Cigar Box – $40,000

cigar box titanic