PHOTOS: 5 Christmas Monsters That Will Scare You Off the Naughty List This Year

By now most of us have all heard about Krampus, the terrifying demonic twin of Santa from Austrian folklore. Krampus basically looks like Satan incarnate and goes around during Christmas-time to punish misbehaving children. On the other hand his counter-part, the classic good old Saint Nicholas, gives good children gifts.

Although in modern times Krampus has become more well-known—thanks, terrifying holiday horror movie adaptation—he is far from being the only monster who comes out to scare the unfortunate naughty list during the Christmas season.

Click through the slideshow above, and continue reading below to learn more about these 5 Christmas monsters who will surely scare you off the naughty list this year.


Belsnickel started as Germanic folklore, but has become a regular character in the United States traditions of the Pennsylvania Dutch. Belsnickel is pictured in tattered clothing carrying a switch with which to dole out beatings to bad children.

But don’t think he’s all bad, he also carries candy for polite kids.

Frau Perchta

Frau Perchta’s reign of terror begins on December 25th and lasts through January 6th. The folk legend from across Germany and Austria is a witch-like figure who doles out both rewards to the good and punishments to the naughty. One of her more horrific punishments is to rip out the internal organs of the bad people and replace them with garbage.

Hans Trapp

Hans Trapp’s originates from France, and is purportedly based on a very real, evil man who was excommunicated from the Catholic Church for worshiping Satan.

He apparently lived in exile in a forest, where he would capture children an eat them. Legends say he was struck and killed by a lightning bolt from God, but he continues to prey on young, misbehaving children during Christmas.

Père Fouettard

Père Fouettard is also a French legend, whose name translate to “Father Whipper” and who also apparently eats naughty children. The tale goes that an evil butcher, Père Fouettard, killed three boys to eat them. St. Nicholas arrived, brought the boys back to life, and enslaved the butcher.

Ever since then, St. Nick has used Père as a servant to punish bad children.


Grýla is a part of the terrifying Icelandic legend of the Yule Lads. The Yule Lads go around doling out punishment to bad children—naturally—but Grýla is their even more terrifying ogress mother. She is purported to kidnap, cook and eat disobedient children.