PHOTOS: 8 Celebrities Who Gave Really Bad Health Advice

Celebrities may be at the top of their game when it comes to the entertainment industry, but when it comes to health advice most of them are certainly a little bit out of their depth. That hasn’t stopped some of these big-name stars from doling out advice about some pretty serious medical treatments and health fads.

From some health recommendations that just don’t make very much sense to making sweeping controversial claims, these are some bad celebrity health tips you might not want to follow.

Let’s leave the health advice to the medical professionals!

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Jenny McCarthy – Anti-Vaccination Movement

Jenny McCarthy is a well-known supporter of the anti-vaccination movement that claims a link between common childhood vaccinations and autism. The movement is primarily based on a study that has since been widely discredited.

Gwyneth Paltrow – Vaginal Steams

On her ever popular lifestyle blog—that often offers rather unrealistic pieces of life advice too costly for us common folk to follow—Gwyneth Paltrow recommended women try a vaginal steam spa treatment. She claims it works wonders for balancing female hormones, however many doctors consider it a bad idea. Not only do you run the risk of burns from the hot steam, but you run the risk of unbalancing the natural pH balance and potentially getting a yeast or urinary tract infection.

Tom Cruise – Avoid Postpartum Antidepressants

Actor Tom Cruise famously criticized Brooke Shield’s when the model and actress opened up about using antidepressants to treat her postpartum depression. He even suggested that women should only rely on vitamins and exercise instead.

The Kardashians – Waist-Training

Khloe Kardashian and her sisters have sung the praises of waist-training, and frequently mention and promote waist-trainers and waist-training methods on social media. However the constricting shapewear garments haven’t been proven to cause any long-lasting health benefits. They are however linked to harmful side effects, as they constrict and push around vital internal organs.

Mark Cuban – Frequent Blood Tests

The Shark Tank tycoon came under fire after he suggested that everyone should get their blood tested four times a year. Not only could this be incredibly costly, depending on your health coverage, it is also completely unnecessary. Additionally, people who overscreen with tests are more likely to receive false positive tests, which could lead to treatments and regimens they don’t actually need.

Suzanne Somers – Hormones to ‘Reverse’ Aging

Suzanne Somers wrote an entire book about the benefits she claims to have experienced by using natural hormone therapy to reverse aging in her body, and to have eased the side effects of menopause. However doctors warn that just because the supplements are proclaimed to be ‘natural’ doesn’t meant guarantee that they are safer or more effective than more mainstream hormone therapy methods.

Shailene Woodley – Eat Clay

The actress has said in interviews that she eats clay for her health, claiming that it removes heavy metals from her system. She said in one interview that clay “provides a negative charge, so it bonds to negative isotopes.”

While eating clay is practiced in many cultures around the world, there aren’t really scientifically substantiated benefits to the practice. Additionally, any minerals or vitamins obtained from clay can easily also be found in vitamin supplements—or better yet, by adjusting your diet to include regular foods that provide necessary vitamins.

Demi Moore – Leeches

Demi Moore said in one interview that she lets leeches feed off her blood for their detoxifying properties. She claimed that leeches have enzymes that are released into the blood when they bite into you. However expert studies suggest that this is not the case, and the practice of leeching is very controversial.