PHOTOS: Abused Dog Who Had Both Eyes Removed Finds a New Family to Love

Two-year-old Ashton was described as “disoriented and confused” when he was found on the side of a road in Phoenix, Arizona. The dog was in pain and had severe eye injuries that had caused both eyes to pop out of their sockets. He was blind in one of them.

He was taken in by the Arizona Humane Society and taken to the Second Chance Animal Hospital for treatment.

He ended up needing both eyes surgically removed.

According to the AHS, Ashton struggled to adjust to life without eyesight. He had to be taught to re-learn the use of his other senses.

After months of extreme rehabilitation efforts, Ashton had finally regained some normalcy to his life, and he has found his forever home with a loving family all of his own.

As you can see in the photos of Ashton above, he’s one pup with a whole lot of love to give.