PHOTOS: Airplane Passenger Takes Photos of ‘UFO at Area 51’

An airline passenger claims to have snapped images of a real UFO giving off “bright lights and orbs” as the plane was hovering near the top-secret Area 51 military base. Immediately after landing, the unnamed man reported his sighting to the Mutual UFO Network which investigates UFO sightings in the US.


The witness was on an American Airlines flight from San Jose, California to Houston, Texas when he saw the shocking sight of what he calls “blinding bright light” in the desert below.

“I saw a large silver disc that appeared to be in the middle of the desert,” he said. “This disc was shooting orb like lights into the air.The disc itself had multiple lights that were blinding to the eyes. I pulled out my phone and took pictures until my phone died. No other passengers seem to notice the disc or comment on it. Upon my return home, I asked multiple Air Force employees if they have ever seen anything like this and all replied never. Initially I thought it was a satellite but now leave it up to your interpretation. What the hell did I witness?”


To make matters even creepier than just having this evidence alone, the’re’s also the fact that the United States government only acknowledged the existence of the off-limits military base in the southern Nevada desert (Area 51) for the first time in 2013.


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