PHOTOS: The Amazing Rotating Rooms of the Sharifi-Ha House

The Sharifi-Ha House in Tehran is notable not just for it’s neat design but for it’s unique movable parts. Three rooms in the three-story home are actually swiveling pods that move to adapt to fluctuating temperatures and sunlight. The owners can open the rooms outwards to absorb the summer sun, or turn them in to avoid the cold of winter.

According to dezeen, the three rooms, which house a breakfast room on the first floor, a guest room on the second and a home office on the third, rotate 90 degrees depending on the owner’s preference. The house was designed by Tehran studio Next Office, using motorized turntables made by German company Bumat for the pods to rest upon.

Next Office architect Alireza Taghaboni spoke to dezeen on the house, whose design she had to change 16 times while working with the owner:

The openness and closure of the building is a reference to traditional Iranian houses, which offer both a winter and a summer living room. Like many urban plots, this one had a noticeably narrow facade-width compared with its depth. Consequently, our expertise in transforming a two-dimensional facade to a three-dimensional one became indispensable.

The house adapts to the functional needs of its users. The guest room can be reconfigured for different purposes. Similarly, the home office and breakfast room can change the formality of their appearance according to their residents’ desires.

View more photos below or read more about the Shafiri-Ha House’s remarkable architecture here.