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PHOTOS: Apparently, Glitter Armpits Are ‘the Look’ This Holiday Season

Love ’em or hate em, you’re going to see sparkly underarms at your holiday parties so prepare yourselves.

It comes as no shock that women are becoming more festive when it comes to their underarms. All of 2015 we saw celebrities (and regular gals) letting their armpit hairs grow. We also saw Miley Cyrus dye hers bright pink only to have her fans (and foes) do the same.

So it only makes sense that for Christmas and Hanukah we want to make them sparkly right? I mean, men are putting glitter in their beards so why can’t we put some on our armpits?

Just beware: glitter does tend to transport easily. If you tend to sweat while you get your buzz on, know that your dress may have glitter rings by the end of the night.

Also, if you tend to be more conservative, some women are putting the glitter over their clothes — in the armpit area.

You don’t have to have hairy armpits to achieve this look either. It just makes it easier for the glitter to have something to stick to. So, if you’re bare under there, bring along your glitter for reapplication as it wears off.

For more on this trend, check out the video below:



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