PHOTOS: An Artificial Light You Won’t Believe Isn’t Real Sunlight

Throughout human history we’ve been unable to imitate the indescribable experience of natural sunlight, despite all the buzzing fluorescent lights we create. This inability has long been one of the most limiting factors in building and building design.

According to WebUrbanist, that an Italian company called CoeLux has created a new kind of artificial light that may solve this age-old problem. This artificial light can fool humans, computers and cameras alike into thinking they’re seeing actual sunlight.

skylight-644x661 (1)

WebUrbanist reports:

[The lights use] a thin coating of nanoparticules to simulate Rayleigh scattering, a natural process that takes place in Earth’s atmosphere causing diffuse sky radiation. Far beyond simply making lights brighter or bluer, this approach accurately replicates how miles of atmosphere transform light within just a few millimeters of surface space. Professor Paolo Di Trapani of Italy’s University of Insubria has so far spent over 10 years working on this system.



The illumination comes from an LED projector that creates rays of white light that mimic sunlight, thanks to their position on the spectrum. The light uses a sophisticated optical system to create the illusion of distance between sky and sun from the supposed window.

The end result, as you can no doubt see from these photographs, is downright stunning, the light containing the same qualities of genuine sunlight, including light quality and color saturation. The lights are thin and therefore easy to apply to a wall or ceiling without destroying the natural illusion.

The company boasts that all their images are untouched and they consistently fool people into thinking the lights are real skylights during product demonstrations.



Visit their website here or read more at WebUrbanist.