PHOTOS: Artist Creates Stunningly Whimsical Miniature Fairy-Tale Scenes Inside Jewelry Pieces

Have you ever wanted to escape your troubles and fly to a fantasy world filled with animal friends, magic, romance and maybe a thrilling adventure or two? While that would be amazing, life isn’t always a real-life fair-tale, however one Etsy shop lets you wear a little piece of fairy-tale whimsy wherever you may go.

The shop Laliblue was founded in 2006, and since then has created vintage-style jewelry that explores classic fairy-tale fantasies, nature and the world of magic.

Little fairy-tale scenes are displayed from inside the actual jewelry pieces, and capture the whimsy of believing.

Check out some of the beautiful jewelry pieces, crafted from various woods, metals, acrylics, brass and resins.

The designers behind the shop, Gemma Jerico Arnal and Cristina Arnau Tena, say they take their inspiration from the circus, musical theater, magic, classic stories, antique toys, dolls, and ballet, among other sources.

Check out some of their amazing work in the slideshow above, and visit their shop here to own a piece of a fairy-tale for yourself.