PHOTOS: Baby Elephant Has Lucky Escape When Crocodile Tries to Drag Him Into Dangerous Waters

In nature, as many National Geographic documentaries have shown us, it’s down survival of the fittest in the animal kingdom. For a peaceful herd of elephants, even a trip to the local watering hole has lurking dangers.

Photos shared by The Daily Mail show the shocking moment a baby elephant almost got dragged to it’s death in one watering hole, by the strong snout of a fearsome crocodile.

Thankfully for this little elephant, his herd had his back and were able to help battle back with trunks swinging to scar the crocodile back into the murky waters.

Apparently the photos were snapped by a farmer and amateur photographer in Zimbabwe, who said he went out into the bush to try to photograph some action, and got a bit more than he ever bargained for!

Check them out the dramatic images in the slideshow above.