PHOTOS: Basement of Horrors Where One Woman Locked Away Disabled Adults and Children

A woman in Philadelphia was recently sentenced to life in prison, after she plead guilty to imprisoning disabled adults and children, chaining them in her basement and trafficking them for sex and to collect their disability payments.

Linda Weston, 55, spent over a decade of her life planning out and maintaining her cruel scheme to take advantage of mentally disabled people.

The extent of her horrific crimes were only uncovered in October of 2011, when her landlord discovered four adults locked in her basement boiler room. One of the men found was chained up, and these were not her group of first victims.

Weston would manipulate her way into the lives of disabled people and convince them to instate her as their caretaker. She would then confine them and cash in their Social Security payments for herself.

Not satisfied with taking advantage of them financially, her heinous crimes get even worse.

Her victims were treated worse than animals, confined—often in the dark—and often sedated, deprived of food and care and much worse. They were forced to use buckets as toilets, and were physically abused for trying to escape. Some of the women she took advantage of were also forced into prostitution.

Two of the women in Weston’s “care” died while imprisoned.

In total, over the span of 10 years Weston had kidnapped and abused six adults and four children and had collected an estimated $212,000 in disability payments.

When she issued an apology in court, Weston said “I believe in God and God knows what happened.”

Weston plead guilty earlier this year to 196 counts that included kidnapping, racketeering conspiracy, murder, sex traffic, fraud and more.

Two other people implicated in this shockingly horrific case are awaiting trial.

See photos of the horrid conditions these people lived in in the slideshow above.