PHOTOS: Blue Lava and 9 Other Strange Natural Occurrences You Didn’t Know About

Our world is filled with countless breath-taking sights, but many of these strange natural occurrences remain largely unknown and unexplored.

In the slideshow above are just 10 of these odd natural phenomena that you probably didn’t know about but will surely leave you in awe. Click through to view, and continue reading below to learn more about each one.

Blue Lava, Indonesia

The Kawah Ijen volcano in Indonesia flows with stunning bright blue lava. The reason for the unusual blue glow has nothing to do with the type of lava, but rather is the result of combustion of sulfuric gasses coming in contact with air. The illusion occurs when temperatures are above 360°C.

Door to Hell, Turkmenistan

The Door to Hell in Darweze, Turkmenistan is caused by a natural gas field, which has been burning continuously since 1971.

Bleeding Glacier, Antarctica

Known as the Bleeding Glacier, this icy mass is not stained by actual blood. Instead iron oxide tainted salt water is to blame for this jarring view.

Danxia Landforms, China

These colorful sandstone mountain ranges truly look like they belong from another planet.

Oceanic Frost Flowers

These special ice “flowers” form on the ocean when there is a temperature difference between the surface and the atmosphere in the arctic.

Rainbow Trees, Australia

Rainbow trees are found in the forests of Australia, but they look more like they’d belong in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Their colorful hues are a natural occurrence caused when patches of bark shed at different times. The innermost bark is a bright green color at first, which then darkens into purples, oranges, and reds over time.

Black Sun, Denmark

Every spring in Denmark, European Starlings perform a mass migration that blocks the sky with waves of black ‘clouds’.

Never-Ending Wave, Brazil

The so-called Never-Ending Wave occurs in Brazil where the Amazon River meets the Atlantic Ocean. Apparently the wave can travel at least 500 miles inland without slowing or breaking.

Underwater Waterfall, Mauritius

A massive drop-off in the Indian Ocean near the volcanic island Mauritius creates the illusion of an underwater waterfall beneath the surface.

Green Flash at Sunset

A green flash at sunset is extremely rare, but occurs when all the right conditions come together. The phenomenon can also occur just before sunrise. It is usually only visible for one or two seconds.