PHOTOS: Celebrity-Endorsed Hair Care Line Slammed by Hundreds of Women Who Are Losing Their Hair

A class action lawsuit has been brought against a high-profile line of hair care products that have been endorsed by celebrities, including the likes of Charlize Theron, Alyssa Milano and Brooke Shields. Hundreds of women are coming forward with horror stories, and shocking photos, about experiencing scalp sores and extreme hair loss. The women claim that their suffering is a result of using celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean’s brand called Wen.

This might be a lesson to us all to not flock to products just because a big-name celebrity has put their face behind it.

According to The Daily Mail, at least 200 people in the United States have joined the lawsuit so far.

They allege that the formula in the Wen cleansing conditioner has caused baldness, rashes, irritated scalps, hair breakage and discoloration of the hair.

The product has been touted as sulfate-free, and a shampoo alternative.

Now as the scandal goes viral, more and more women are taking to social media to share their horror stories and pictures of their hair damage. All of them claim that their troubles started when they began using Wen hair products.

The lawsuit claims that there is a ‘caustic ingredient’ that causes a chemical reaction on the scalp, along with other ‘harsh chemicals’ that can cause allergic reactions—although the specific ingredient has not been named yet.

Click through the slideshow above to see some of the alleged damage. Do you think Wen is responsible, or is something else to blame?