PHOTOS: Chilling Images from Hitler’s First Death Camp

Before Hitler could rollout the widespread genocidal murder of millions of Jewish people during World War II, he had twisted experiments conducted in order to test the various methods of murder he had planned. The Nazis used experimental gases in Poland to test what would become the very first gas chambers.

The unfortunate first victims were psychiatric patients and their nurses, who were rounded up by the SS in Nazi-occupied Poland.

They were taken to a place known as Fort VII, which would eventually become known as Concentration Camp Ponzen. This were the first experimentation of the Third Reich in the pursuit of an efficient mass killing method.

In addition to the murder of patients, anyone who was deemed a possible threat to the Nazis were rounded up and experimented on.

The SS started with the male patients, killing at least 75 a day, and then moved on to the women and children. Patients were trucked away from the psychiatric hospital to Ponzen by the dozens every day.

Patients were locked in chambers, the entrances were sealed with clay, and then carbon monoxide was pumped in through a small hole. Later the Nazis would develop mobile chambers with which to slaughter.

Thousands of psychiatric patients were killed at Hitler’s first death camp in the city of Poznan between 1939 and 1940, in brutal experiments that three years later would lead to the technology that killed millions more.

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