Could You Spend the Night in This Creepy Clown Motel?

The Clown Motel offers a place for weary travelers to rest, about halfway between Las Vegas and Reno on Nevada’s Highway 95. Rest, that is, if you can relax when surrounded by hundreds of clown dolls and clown memorabilia.

It might look like something out of a horror film–particularly because there happens to be a large, over century-old cemetery right next door–but it might be the perfect place to stay for someone with a twisted sense of humor.

If this sounds like your ideal destination, you can stay in one of the motel’s 28 rooms for $49/night.

Take a look inside in the video below.

Ghost Adventures host Zak Bagans deals with his fear of clowns, AKA coulrophobia, in what seems to be the most immersive way possible: Nevada’s infamous clown motel.

Because of the motel’s next-door cemetery, those familiar with the spooky motel believe it to be haunted. And some visitors have even lived to tell some of these creepy tales.

According to the motel’s owner, Bob Perchetti, one guest woke up in the middle of the night to a clown standing vigilantly by his bed. Yikes. But for the supernaturally curious, this motel could be a dream destination.

According to this special report by Fox News, some of the Clown Motel’s guests see shadows of clown figures creep by their windows in the dead of night.

In the old cemetery next door rests a number of crazy, kooky midwest, turn-of-the-century characters. Among those resting in peace are prostitutes, a murdered sheriff, and over a dozen miners who tragically lost their lives in a fire.

Technology also has its way of malfunctioning when brought into these supernaturally active areas. Amateur ghost hunters report their phones and cameras dying unexpectedly, in spite of carrying a fully-charged battery. Is all of this just an eerie coincidence?

Regardless, the stories involving the Clown Motel will never fail to send chills down our spines.

Check out these unsettling pictures of the infamous Clown Motel itself.

clown motel
clown motel
clown motel