PHOTOS: Doctor Who Season 8 SPOILERS – The Incredible Shrinking TARDIS?

Here’s a bit of excitement for all you Doctor Who fans out there: some Doctor Who season 8 spoilers!

The new Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and his current lady companion Clara (Jenna Coleman) were spotted filming scenes for an episode of Doctor Who’s upcoming 8th season in the Welsh seaside town of Barry Island. Fun stuff, but the big question on fans’ lips is what were they doing with a tiny TARDIS?

As you may know, the time-and-space-traveling craft is larger on the inside than on the outside — so, in theory, these two can still get inside and have plenty of room to move about. But since the TARDIS is usually the size of a normal police call box, we can only wonder what happened to it, and what troubles will pop up as a result. View the photos above for both scenes with the actors and crew moving the prop around.

The sci-fi adventure series has new episodes premiering on BBC One in the UK in August. According to the BBC America site, it’s “landing” there in August, though it usually airs a week or two later than it does in England, and it’s always edited to allow for all the commercials that are shown on US television.

In other Doctor Who news, Matt Smith, the eleventh Doctor, has just joined the cast of the new Terminator series. Get some details below!