PHOTOS: An Eerie Apocalypse Created in the Aftermath of Ice Fog

Some of us may believe we’ve seen tough weather, but few of us have seen anything quite like the conditions that affect parts of Budapest, Hungary during the winter.

A writer on Bored Panda tells of his harrowing experiences visiting the “extremely dangerous hills” of Budapest during the height of winter, after a so-called ice fog has passed through.


Photographer Mark Mervai had this to say of the experience:

After we exit the bus we saw the first tree falling over, just a few meters away from us. After this awful shock we started our way into little streets, far away from the main street, listening to one sound – the sound of the trees. The sound of branches braking under the weight of Ice.

The little once were not that dangerous, but nearly every ten minute we saw a giant tree collapsing, braking into the roof of a house or falling on a car.

The resulting photos are a testament to the harshness of winter and the terrifying power of nature. View more below.

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