PHOTOS: Elderly Hoarder Collected so Much Junk That It Spilled Out of His House

An 83-year-old in China found himself so overwhelmed by his habitual hoarding that his belongs have spilled out into his yard and onto the street in front of his home. Photos have emerged from Chinese media that show just how devastating an impact hoarding can have on a person’s life.

Access to the apartment appears to be completely blocked by the avalanche of junk—in fact the residence is part of a block of apartments that now also appear inaccessible. According to reports, neighbors have had to use an emergency route in order to come and go from their own homes.

Apparently the man’s relatives thought he was going to recycle all of the items he’s been holding onto for years, but have also suspected for a while that he has a hoarding problem.


The health risks posed by compulsive hoarding are many, and include injury from tripping over or being struck by falling trash, contracting disease from unsanitary trash items, and becoming shut-in by the mountains of garbage.

Neighbors in this case reportedly made many complains about the terrible smell coming from the elderly man’s abode.

One unnamed resident said that this has been an issue for over ten years, and said that the man has not been taking care of himself enough.

It is not known if he will face eviction and need to move in with family, or if he will be allowed to stay in his current home.