PHOTOS: Explore This Eerie Abandoned Doll Factory, Left to Sit in Dust and Decay

In Spain there sits an abandoned doll factory, left to decay for years—possibly even decades. The empty rooms and are left scattered with plaster molds and dismembered doll parts. It isn’t clear exactly why the building was abandoned—did the company go out of business, or was something more sinister at play? Some rumors suggest the building was cursed.

Either way, it looks like the structure was left in a hurry—half-finished projects are left on work tables, never to be completed.

Photographer Nacho Labrador got a glimpse inside, and has shared the creepy secrets that he discovered within the walls of the three-level factory.

On his website (which has been translated from Spanish) Nacho wrote:

“You can never begin to imagine what you can find inside a building. That’s what happens when you get close and you venture into this building in question. Inside the equipment, molds and figures that after going through a delicate process of manufacture would become stunning porcelain dolls, which would delight collectors or small of yesteryear preserved almost in its entirety.”

Although Nacho did not give the location of the factory—apparently to protect it against potential vandals—another explorer, who has remained unnamed, claimed the building is cursed.

He said that when he visited the building he discovered dead chickens that looked as though they had been slaughtered in some kind of ritual.

Check out some of the creepy photos in the slideshow above, and visit Nacho’s official site and Flicker to view more.