PHOTOS: Has Mars Rover Captured an Image of a Female on Mars?

Some people are saying that the new photo showing what appears to be a female form is definitive proof of life on Mars. Others are laughing at the thought of it.

The popular website UFO Sightings Daily says:

“It looks like a woman partly cloaked. The woman seems to have breasts…indicated by the shadow on its chest. We also see two arms that are lighter in color and what looks like a head with long hair.”

That’s one take on this mysterious image. Meanwhile other websites, like BizLifes have a more rational explanation:

“These ‘artefacts’, however, are most probably a vision phenomenon called pareidolia, when a person notices a significant pattern in unexpected places. The ‘man in the moon’ or ‘moon rabbit’ are common examples of such an illusion.”

This image is causing quite a bit of controversy. Check out the video too. We want to hear what you think this mysterious form is in the photo. Is it a female martian? If not, what do you think it is?

Here’s the raw image followed by a larger still of the enlarged image: