PHOTOS: This Is the Horrific Conclusion to a Peruvian Vacation

WARNING: Some of the photos in this story may be considered disturbing. 

Vacations are great, except when they’re completely terrible. Unfortunately, redditor and imgur user dalecarlian‘s¬†vacation to Peru quickly turned into the latter.

He summarizes his trip in seven simple pictures, starting with typical touristy fare like a photo in front of Macchu Picchu…


Before doctors discovered he had a bacterial infection called cellulitis eating away at his legs, creating this hole near his knee…


During the subsequent surgery to treat the infection, doctors removed a chunk of flesh that the creature had been feeding on, and extracted the culprit for all his pain — a tiny creature called larva dermatobia hominis that can cause some big pain. View the rest of the photos below.






Moral of the story: when you travel, travel safe!