PHOTOS: How Did This Seal Pup End Up in a Muddy Cow Field?

An unexpected little guest appeared in an English cow field, and it left one herd of cattle more than a little confused.

A little seal pup, which must have become separated from its mother, showed up in a field full of cows in Lincolnshire. The pup was estimated to only be about five days old at the time.

A birdwatcher in the area first spotted the out-of-place pup from a nearby bird-watching outpost. Ian Ellis said he saw the seal through a telescope while visiting the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds sanctuary, located on a neighboring property.

Ellis and a grounds warden went to investigate, picking up the seal in a coat and taking back to the banks of nearby marshes.

Experts believe that the seal made its way up a local creek from the coastal marshland, became separated from its mother, and eventually got itself into the muddy field of cattle.