PHOTOS: ISIS Targets Children in Horrific New Plot

According to Iraqi security forces in Baghdad, ISIS hatched a horrific plot to target and bomb Shia Muslim children. In photos shared by the Iraqi military, security forces show seemingly-harmless looking children’s dolls that had been seized and were in fact booby trapped with explosives.

The dolls had been rigged with IEDs, which have since been defused, that were then placed in the hallowed out bodies of the toys.

Reports say that ISIS planned to leave the bombs disguised as dolls along the road along which Shia Muslims and their families will soon be making an annual pilgrimage between Baghdad and Karbala for the upcoming Arbaeen holiday.

The number of people making the pilgrimage is expected to be in the millions.

Thankfully the rigged children’s toys were discovered and deactivated before they could cause even more tragic deaths in the area, which has been riddled with roadside car bombs and attacks in recent months.