PHOTOS: Joseph Stalin’s Abandoned House Is off Limits by the Government

The photos of the abandoned and decaying home of Joseph Stalin are not only beautiful but haunting. Why? Because he was a notoriously cruel villain in history and was responsible for the death of millions. He was the dictator of the communist Soviet Union from the mid-1920s until his death in 1953. While in power, he ordered millions of so-called “enemies of the Soviet people” to be imprisoned, exiled or executed. He set up the widespread surveillance system and hired the most bloodthirsty to punish those he deemed traitors. He also set up the famous Russian gulags that terrorized prisoners.

These photos are from Joseph Stalin’s Summer Cottage. As you probably already know, Stalin (of fascist fame) was despicable and many feared him. But his home is still of historical and architectural value, and it’s rumored that it has a secret underground railroad. What’s interesting to know is that his summer cottage in Moscow, Russia, is where he mainly lived after his wife’s suicide. It is also where he died.

Strangely, this house, called the “Court of the Red Tsar,” is now COMPLETELY off limits, even 57 years after Stalin’s death! Nobody–and we mean nobody–is allowed inside. The Russian government marks it as “top secret” and “under wraps.”

According to Stalin’s daughter’s writings, this house was filled with Stalin’s comrades until strange hours of the morning, with huge feasts that lasted all night. It was here too that political and security secrets were discussed.

Some trivia: the Persian carpet beneath the long and green dining table was personally commissioned by Stalin and took 10 YEARS to weave. It’s said to have cost him over $1 million, making it one of the most expensive Persian rugs ever! And even though no one’s been inside except Russian agents (and a few photographers), it’s said that all the plumbing in the bathrooms still work.