Photographic Proof: Justin Bieber Is Becoming Vanilla Ice

Justin Bieber Vanilla Ice?

Yesterday the world was treated to Justin Bieber’s deposition video, where he showed the world what a jerk he really is. Not the usual douchery, which we’ve reported on in the past, but real a-hole “no-one-can-touch-me-I’m-above-you-all” behavior on a level we’d never seen before.

But as we watched the video and observed his swagger, his hands in his up-dried hair, the way he cocked the shaved sides of his head, something somewhat shocking hit us: The Biebs is turning into Vanilla Ice right before our very eyes.

We just spent some times trying to find parallels in the singers’ two lives. There aren’t many other than the two working in the music industry. Ice is from Texas, Bieber is Canadian. Ice got fame late in life compared to Bieber, and Ice’s fame may have been big but it was never on the same level as the pop star. Ice also made a number of bad business deals, and from what we can see Bieber may be annoying but he’s had smart managers helping him shape his company and career.

Still, Justin Bieber Vanilla Ice:

  • have / had a huge, loyal fan base
  • are / were known for their fashion (or lack thereof, depending on who you talked to)
  • are / were thought to be sexy by some people, which totally confuses / confused those who do / did mock their appearance
  • have / had songs that fans completely love, which totally confuses / confused those who hate / hated their music
  • act like complete bad asses even though that’s up for debate — both when they were young, and in the present day

While Vanilla Ice’s music career is pretty much over, people are wondering if this current batch of trouble is going to spell the end (or at least a really big pause) to Justin Bieber’s. Only time — and the kid’s behavior over the next couple weeks — will tell. Until then, watch the magical comparisons between the two in the slide show above.