PHOTOS: Life Before & After Smartphones

According to a recent study conducted by the Business Insider, approximately one in every five people in the world own a smartphone. The number continues to skyrocket daily as we become more and more reliant on technology.

The smartphone is a brilliant tool, but it is true that we have taken things too far.

We take them in to the bathroom, we use them to send raunchy photos to our friends, and we sleep with them right by our fingertips (so we can reach for them first thing in the morning).

The reliance we have on our handheld devices is slowly but surely creating a distance between human beings and to our connection with life in general.

Studies show that cell phones can have a negative impact on relationships and is strongly linked to a greater sense of loneliness.

As proof, we’ve created a slideshow (above) that reveals how our lives have drastically changed since the smartphone’s birth.

Plus, the following photo has been tweeted by Wayne Dahlberg and is going around the Internet for a beautiful reason. To inspire the world to see things with our eyes and not through tiny screens. The elderly woman pictured is a modern-day teacher — revealing how to live in the moment, when the world is seemingly spinning out of control.

woman looks without smartphones

Photos: HuffingtonPost