PHOTOS: Man Burns Hole in His Throat After Using At-Home Tooth Whitening Kit

A 22-year-old man in England ended up with a hole the size of a grape in his throat after he suffered a rare, but life-threatening reaction to 1-hour tooth whitening strips. According to a report from the Daily Mail, Jake Barrett used Crest 1 Hour Express strips in an attempt to brighten is pearly whites, but ended up developing a peroxide bleach-filled cyst under his tongue.

The painful sac of toxic fluid left him in agonizing pain for six days, before he finally sought medical treatment.

He finally went to the emergency room when he found he could no longer swallow liquids or smoothies.

Doctors feared the sac would burst and leak into his stomach, something that could have killed Barrett. He had to undergo an emergency operation to drain the fluid.

The only option was to insert a tube through his throat just below his chin, which has left him with a large gaping hole.

Apparently, Barrett had attempted the at-home whitening kit to improve his smile because he wanted to look more like actor Channing Tatum.

“I’ve always admired Channing Tatum’s smile – it’s just gleaming,” Barrett told outlets.

Now that he is on his road to recovery, Barrett said he will have his teeth professionally whitened instead of attempting any more DIY kits.

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