PHOTOS: Man Climbs into Bear Enclosure and Punches Bear in the Face

A man was photographed climbing into an enclosure at a zoo in Poland that contained at least one large brown bear. He apparently was able to scale over the protective fencing, and was caught on camera by shocked bystanders as he approached the female bear.

Missing shoes or socks, and wearing only a pair of tiny shorts and a t-shirt, the man doesn’t seem aware of the danger he placed himself in.

He astounded the onlookers when the bear appeared to grab at his forearm with her mouth. The unnamed man is then seen hitting the bear across the face.

You would think that punching a bear in the face would seal your fate, but the man somehow survived the encounter without sustaining any life-threatening injuries.

Witnesses at the scene said they believe the man was drunk or on drugs, based on the man’s behavior at the scene.

He then escaped capture, and police are still trying to identify and locate the man. So far, they have only the photos from bystanders, and a bloodied wrist bracelet to go on.

A spokesperson for the zoo said that they have three bears that the zoo received from a circus. She said that the bears are somewhat used to people, which could explain the mystery man’s miraculous survival.