PHOTOS: Man Creates Engagement Ring Out of His Leg Bone

Mike Perret had to have his right leg amputated after a terrible accident he sustained while volunteering for an orphanage in India. But how he decided to turn a negative into a positive is now getting him tons of attention. His uniquely romantic act has gone viral.

Perret asked doctors if he could keep a part of his leg bone, and he was given a piece of the shin as a keepsake.

When he decided in 2011 to propose to his girlfriend Melita he knew he had to do something extra special, and even more meaningful, so he decided to have pieces of his own bone put into the engagement ring.

Apparently he was inspired by a set of imitation bone earrings that he once saw worn by a friend. He worked with Ingle & Rhode, a jewelr from London, to design the piece of jewelry.

The platinum band is set with two pieces of bone, and a quarter-carat diamond.

A spokesperson for the jewelry said that the bone was thoroughly sterilized before it reached them, so they were pleased to take on the unique project.

Melita told BuzzFeed Life that the ring is a special reminder of her now-husband’s bravery in overcoming the injury, one that she gets to keep with her all of the time.

“I think it shows his bravely coming to terms with something like that so positively [..] which has to be a good attribute for marriage,” she said.