PHOTOS: Man Discovers Something Terrifying on Google Street View

Google’s street view feature has captured some pretty unbelievable sights on camera, from crime in the worlds, to missing persons and even some things that don’t seem to be from this realm. A while ago, some people noticed what appeared to be ghostly hands in the window of a creepy old abandoned house on street view cameras.

Now, something similarly eerie has been spotted in the upper window of The Stuart Hotel in Liverpool.

A man spotted two ghostly—almost demonic—figures in the windows of the purportedly haunted location. According to locals, the hotel-turned-pub has a long history of haunted sightings, making this latest one not entirely a surprise. Although not a surprise, it’s still creepy.


The Twitter user who apparently made the discovery said he was “looking on Google Street View to find a fish and chip shop in Walton” when he spotted the creepy sight.

Could it be a tricky Halloween prank, or is there something paranormal happening here? The street view images certainly have some corners of the Internet convinced.

Take a look at the photos and decide for yourself.