PHOTOS: Man Has Nose Rebuilt After It was Bitten Off, Surgeons Use Skin from His Own Forehead

Christopher Watson, a 32-year-old hotel worker from Newcastle, had his whole life turned upside-down after a large portion of his nose was bitten off during at a Christmas party in 2013. Now, after a long 18-month-long recovery process, Watson has undergone his final round of intensive reconstructive surgery during which surgeons rebuilt his nose.

Watson says his life is now back on track.

“I’ve got my confidence back, I’m going out and I’m really happy. I can carry on now,” said Watson, adding that he just has to wait for the stitches on his face to heal. The long process will be worth it for Watson, to no longer have to suffer the stares of strangers ogling his previous disfigurement.

During his latest round of facial reconstruction, a two-hour surgery, doctors cut away the damaged portion of his nose—which extended all the way up into his eyebrow area. They then used skin from his forehead and transplanted it as a part of his newly reshaped nose.

Watson apparently doesn’t remember much from the night of his attack—he admits he too drunk at the time.

According to reports, he just remembers the searing pain as an unknown assailant bit a large chunk off of his nose. In all, Watson would have to undergo six surgeries in the year and a half that followed the attack.

Police continue to investigate, however security footage from cameras in the area of the attack did not lead to any suspects.