PHOTOS: Meet the Fugitive Playboy Model Arrested in JFK Airport for Abducting Her Own Child

Angie Vu, a 32-year-old model and DJ who has appeared in Playboy was arrested at JFK Airport in New York after she tried to leave the country with her daughter. Vu and the child’s father, Richard Foger, have been in the midst of a custody battle. A judge in Paris awarded Foger custody and, after Vu failed to surrender her daughter in August. The judge issued a warrant for her arrest.

Vu flew her daughter to Taiwan in August and to Hanoi to avoid surrendering custody. She became an international fugitive wanted for parental abduction.

She has been in the U.S. for about a month, when she was finally caught as she tried to board a flight to China with her nine-year-old daughter.

U.S. Marshals met Vu at the flight check-in and took her into custody. She now may face extradition to France.

It has been reported that Vu had previously emailed Foger saying their daughter would be in Vietnam for a year to live with family.

Vu was denied bail, despite her claims that she would not be a flight risk.